About Us

Organized in September of 2009, the Lower Susquehanna Valley Model Railroaders is a young, vibrant club coming together under two principles: (1) That playing with trains is fun and (2) that sharing that fun with others is even more fun. Members range in chronological age from 8 to 80, but all are boys at heart. (Folks who are girls at heart are welcome, as long as they prefer trains to dolls.)

As a young club, we have not yet found a need for dues, a formal organization or membership requirements, Most of our members have modules which they contribute to our shows.

In our short history, we have had shows at community celebrations, retirement homes and train shows. The size of our show varies with the space available. Our smaller displays tend to be about 12'X24'. We could easily extend to a least 40' in length, and even longer as we add modules.

For more information about show scheduling, contact Al Forsht (aforsht@dejazzd.com). Webmaster can be reached at dckrchrd@gmail.com.