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York Meet Report

posted Apr 18, 2011, 9:50 AM by Vernon Richard
Thanks to everyone who helped out with the Lower Susquehanna Valley Modular Railroaders setup at the York TCA Meet just completed. We had a tremendously positive reaction to our display. Especially gratifying was the positive comments from folks who have done modular layouts themselves. I personally had members from 5 or 6 different modular groups, including several that had presented at York themselves, complement our display and thank us for being there.

We started setting up Wednesday about 6:30 AM, and finished tearing down Sunday at about 3 PM. We had a good turnout for the critical times of setup and tear down, and enough manpower that all who wanted to were able to slip away and enjoy the rest of the display. Setup time was rainy, and tear down time seemed like a monsoon. Thanks to Ed Stone's foresight and creativity, we had a jury rigged tarp system which allowed us to keep the modules dry, despite the driving wind and rain. 

By and large, the trains ran smoothly. Yours truly smelled something burning and saw smoke drifting over the transformer and pulled all power from the layout. It took an eleven year old spectator to tell me that the smoke was from an engine's smoke unit. But I did get everybody's attention, as well as a couple of rolled eyes. Guess I missed my chance to be a hero!

We had the best scenery ever for our display. The entire layout was sceniced. Notable were Jerry Tarnofsky's beautifully detailed Power House and Ed Stone's beautifully done PRR Station. These two displays, along with the Station Modules, drew many positive comments from onlookers. Nate Robinson's newly created Plasticville Village was on one corner. Al Forsht's Trailer Park, Gary Schlossman's Drive In Theater, and my Mel's Diner completed the other corners. Stephen Crnkovich's Bridge Module allowed use easy access to the interior of the layout. Stephen's new magnet and track spacers ensured secure and correctly aligned bridge closure.

Dennis and Gary Schlossman developed a nice looking multi-track, multi-switch yard for one end of the module. Al Forsht, in a feat of magic, created a town with two hobby shops (Cool Trains and Barry's) on top of a sculpted cliff. He also created a tunnel portal leading in to a yard that I built. All in all, it made for a pretty impressive display.

In addition to the above, Charlie Bingham, Dave Brinton and John Wider spent many hours helping to setup, tear down and run the layout. Both Chris Sauer and John Fullerton came and made themselves available as needed.

At various points, we ran into difficulties with wiring, clearances and the like, but we kept the trains running on time, and the public noticed no more then 2 or 3 two minute disruptions. That speaks well of both our preparations and our ability to work as a team.

Thanks to everyone, and we will see in in Strasburg.

Dick Richard
Lower Susquehanna Valley Modular Railroaders.